Fabulous Rates

You can see below how cheap and simple our Mobile Self Storage service can be – again, we won’t be beaten of price or service!

Rates per container per month


We know this is hard to believe but…. if by some chance you are offered a lower price on an identical mobile storage unit somewhere else – we’ll not only match it, but beat it by 10%!

OUR OTHER costs …

Delivery & Loading

We send 2 experienced removalists to deliver and load the containers. The guys know how to best optimise all available space and to protect the goods. The fees for this are $320 for first container and $195 per subsequent container.

Redelivery & Unload

Again, 2 experienced guys to deliver and unload – costs $320 first container and $195/subsequent.

Top Tip! 

To get the best service and keep costs to a minimum, we strongly recommend that you place your belongings within easy access to the door, pack as much as you can into boxes and – very important – please reserve a suitable space outside your place so we can easily park our truck.